A Place for Marsha

A Place for Marsha

AboutA Place for Marsha is a newly founded organization whose mission is to facilitate safe housing for transgender and non-binary individuals leaving states with transphobic laws. Their goal is to connect trans people aged 18+ with volunteers in safe states who are willing to be their roommates.

Seek HelpIf you are Trans or Nonbinary, 18 years or older, and you need help leaving a hostile state, don’t hesitate to apply.Application for Assistance

Provide AsylumIf you live in a safe state and want to be a roommate or rent a room to an individual seeking asylum, please apply.Application for Asylum Providers (Hosts)

Help TransportWe are accepting rolling applications for drivers and those who can support with transport needs. This application will help us understand the ways in which you may be able to support those fleeing their state.Application for Transport Volunteers (Drivers)

Pit Stop HostsWe are in need of volunteers along the route to many safe states to operate as overnight safe houses for those that have longer trips towards a safe state. These volunteers may provide room and board for a driver in addition to an asylum seeker based on available space.Application for Pit Stop Hosts (Short-Term Hosts)

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