All Belong Coaching

All Belong Coaching

ADHD Affirming coaching means that I understand your neurodivergent needs! I have ADHD myself, so when I say I understand – I really do get it.My coaching style is all about you and/or your child. We are partners in this journey. I come to all my sessions with the belief that you are whole and complete, not broken, and that you are the expert of you. And if you are a parent, you are the expert of your family.In my general coaching services:  From our very first discovery session through to our last session – your coaching services will be tailored to you. You set the goals, you set the pace. I’m merely the guide to help you find the keys to unlocking whatever it is that YOU are looking for.In programs/group coaching: (Coming Soon) When you join one of my groups or programs, there will be topics per program or session, but how we discuss them will be varied based on your needs. I believe every person, relationship and family looks different, and they ALL deserve to be celebrated. That’s the whole concept behind “All Belong Coaching.” I embrace relationships and families of all types – biological, familial, chosen, foster, adopted, monogamous, polyamorous, single-by-choice, platonic life partners, and more!

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