Amy Stephens Heutmaker, MHC-LP, MS, MBA

Amy Stephens Heutmaker, MHC-LP, MS, MBA

My practice focuses on individuals and families who are dealing with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse. I have worked with individuals and their loved ones to explore what it means to live fully authentically in a world where that is not always valued.I want to welcome you to my practice, where you will find shelter from society's judgments, well-meaning friends' judgments, and others' judgments of you or someone you love for being who they are or who they love.Please email, call, or schedule a free consultation to learn more about my services. “Counseling to affirm who you are and who you love.” - Amy Stephens Heutmaker

(585) 653-3997
2511 Browncroft Blvd, Ste 104
Rochester, NY
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