Dawnbreaker Consulting

Dawnbreaker Consulting

Dawnbreaker Consulting was founded in the winter of 2019, in Rochester, New York. The purpose is to partner with organizations to evolve into  highly functional and equitable communities.  The operational principals that are the bedrock of Dawnbreaker Consulting are the concepts of Carpe Diem and Agapé.

My consultancy centers in a core belief and practice of Anti-racism, Equity and Restorative Justice/Practices in my personal, spiritual and professional realms. To this end, I have taught and was a member of school leadership in public school districts and charter schools for the past 15 years.

I now head my firm that serves schools that desire to provide an authentic and equitable educational experience for school leaders, all staff, students and their families.  I also partner with non-profit and for-profit organizations to be organized, equitable, innovative and an active community participant.

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