Harmonic Speech

Harmonic Speech

It's time to find your true voice. Struggling to find your ideal voice can be frustrating and defeating, and sometimes even scary. We offer personalized voice training that affirms your gender identity so you'll avoid being misgendered on the phone and know your voice matches you. It's time to be comfortable with your voice. We're ready to guide you towards speaking effortlessly with a healthy, gender affirming voice.Non-binary voices can be distinct from masculine or feminine perceived voices. Many non-binary, agender, and gender diverse people choose to speak with an androgynous melody pattern and mid-pitch range that de-emphasizes gender. Some gender fluid people, or transgender people who are not out in some settings, prefer to be able to shift between masculine and feminine voices. We provide a safe, affirming, creative space to explore gender and voice and develop new vocal techniques to express yourself authentically.Changing your voice can be important to your transition and you don't have to do it alone. We're ready to offer the guidance and tools you need to help you develop your healthy, confident voice. Our voice specialists include three community members who are happy to help you with your voice: Tallulah identifies as non-binary, Zoe identifies as agender, and vocal coach Fiona identifies as a trans woman.Voice dysphoria can be experienced by anyone of any gender. For example, we can help you change your perceived voice age or identity, or help you match your speaking patterns to your workplace's expectations. If your voice isn't serving you, we're happy to help.Now offering transgender voice therapy in six states! We are licensed, voice-specialized speech-language pathologists in Texas, California, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, and New York.

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