Lake Avenue Memorial Baptist Church

Lake Avenue Memorial Baptist Church

Spiritually, we are a people whose lives have been transformed by the truth and grace of God. While we are still a far from perfect people, we seek to help each other understand God’s calling on our lives, and to live according to that calling. We are a community marked by grace and mercy – from God and for one another.Historically, we are one of the oldest American Baptist Churches in Rochester. We were established as a church dedicated to peace. Our long and storied history speaks to this value of peace and justice throughout the years. While we look backwards with great fondness, we believe our wonderful heritage lays a foundation for an even more prosperous future!Denominationally, we are an American Baptist Church. We are proud of our connections with other American Baptist Churches though are committed to working with others to share the love of God in our community, in the city, and beyond.Theologically, we are a diverse and progressive Baptist Church. While our roots may be Baptist, we are unafraid to respectfully explore diverse theological opinions and perspectives.When it comes to our church’s personality, we are truly a multi-generational, multi-ethnic church. We have an extraordinary age range of people. It’s not unusual to see kids, teens, college students, singles, young professionals, middle aged adults, or senior adults all sitting on the same row. It’s safe to say that we draw people from all walks of life and that we represent the community in which we are located. In addition, we are intentionally multi-ethnic and rejoice in the diversity of language, culture, and religious experiences that are shared in our community.We are a Welcoming and Affirming Church!! Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people are warmly welcomed at Lake Avenue Baptist Church! A Baptist Church that welcomes gay and lesbian people and affirms them as children of God? YES! It may not fit your stereotype or your past experience, but it’s true. At Lake Avenue Baptist Church, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people serve openly as participants in worship, in the choirs, as members of boards and committees, and as teachers of children, youth, and adults. They come singly, as couples, and as families with children. How did we get here? Read the the LABC statement of inclusivity…

Our Statement of Inclusivity: Lake Avenue Baptist Church is committed to an inclusive ministry in every way.Lake Avenue Baptist Church, founded as a memorial to peace after the Civil War, has a long history of working for peace and justice. In the early 1990s, the congregation began to educate itself on the issue of sexual minorities in our society; and in May, 1995, adopted a statement which reads in part: "Lake Avenue Baptist Church, as a community of God’s people, is called to minister to all people. Our world is often a place where people feel excluded, and are oppressed, because of a variety of factors, such as race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, economic circumstance, and other such categories. Christ, however, calls us to reconciliation and wholeness. This reconciliation extends to all people. Therefore, we at Lake Avenue Baptist Church pledge ourselves to be open to and affirming of all persons. All who affirm Christ in their lives are welcome into the membership of this community of believers, to share fully in its life, leadership, and ministry. We rejoice in the worth and dignity of every person as a child of God.At the same time, Lake Avenue voted to join the Association of Welcoming &  Affirming Baptists, a national association of Baptist churches and individuals who welcome and affirm the full membership and participation of LGBTQ people in the life of the church. As a member of this national organization, Lake Avenue has been a strong advocate for other American Baptist congregations which have been persecuted for their welcoming position.

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