Pride Alliance (University of Rochester)

Pride Alliance (University of Rochester)

The Pride Alliance at the University of Rochester is an employee resource group dedicated to creating and sustaining a positive work environment which values and supports all individuals regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression.Working in association with the University’s Office of Human Resources: Multicultural Affairs and Inclusion, the goal of the Pride Alliance is to empower employees to interact in an open and honest manner, without fear, and to create an environment that is respectful of all employees.Mission and Objectives:

Foster an environment that is supportive and respectful of all University employees, students, patients and guests, without regard to their sexual orientation or gender expression.

Empower employees across the LGBTQI+ spectrum and their allies to respond to – and resolve – issues which prevent the full use of their capabilities and/or detract from the quality of their work lives.

Increase the visibility of LGBTQI+ staff, faculty, residents, and fellows within the University community.

Advocate the recruitment, retention and career advancement of LGBTQI+ employees.

Serve as role models to LGBTQI+ students, patients and the Rochester community.

Support the diversity mission of the University through innovative relationships with the LGBTQI+ student and alumni groups, other affinity groups, and with other LGBTQI+-friendly organizations throughout our institution and the community.

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