Trans Rescue

Trans Rescue

AboutWe help trans*, intersex, and other people flee places where it is dangerous to be trans. We help them reach places of safety and reasonable quality of life. We do so legally and securely.

If You Need HelpIf you are trans and need help fleeing a dangerous place, you are in the right place. If you are in a country like the US, the UK, or Brazil, where things were once relatively good but are now sliding into fascism, we can help you plan your own migration with advice and resources.Client Intake Information Page

STEP 1 – The Decision:The first step is to decide if you are ready to move.Decision-Making Guide

STEP 2 – Understanding the ProcessIf you still want to do this, you’ll need to understand our process.Process Guide

STEP 3 – Intake AppointmentYou can start the process by scheduling an intake appointment. Drop an email to suggesting a time. We’re in CET time zone (the Netherlands).

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