🗳️✔️ It’s Election Day! Be sure to cast your ballot in local school board elections today, and vote for anti-racist, LGBTQ-affirming candidates who will be supportive of ALL students!

“According to the latest results from our National School Climate Study, schools are not safe for LGBTQ+ students.

Here are 6 Ways to Create More Inclusive Learning Environments for ALL Students:
1️⃣ Increase student access to accurate information regarding LGBTQ+ people, history, and events through inclusive curricula, and library/internet resources.
2️⃣ Support student clubs, such as GSAs, that provide support for LGBTQ+ students and address LGBTQ+ issues in education.
3️⃣ Provide professional development for school staff to improve rates of intervention and increase the number of supportive teachers and other staff.
4️⃣ Ensure that school policies and practices, such as those related to dress codes and school dances, do not discriminate against LGBTQ+ students.
5️⃣ Enact school policies that provide transgender and gender non-conforming students equal access to school facilities and activities, and specify appropriate educational practices to support these students.
6️⃣ Adopt and implement comprehensive bullying/harassment policies that specifically enumerate sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression in individual schools and disctricts, with clear and effective systems for reporting and addressing incidents that students experience.”

Source: GLSEN, October 2022

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