Here at Rochester LGBTQ+ Together, we hate that we live in a country and world where this is necessary and will continue to build and fight for one where it isn’t. In the meantime, however, we want to introduce our new Emergency Relocation page for LGBTQ+ folx under our Resource Directories on

With the rise in anti-LGBTQ+ legislation nationwide, particularly targeting trans folx, more and more community members are finding it urgently necessary to relocate out-of-state. This often means abandoning the stability of employment and housing, as well as their local support structure from community, friends and family. While this prospect is terrifying, the social and political situation demands nothing less for their personal safety and survival.

In additional to the general resources available from our local, state and national Resource Directories, the social support of Rochester LGBTQ+ Together, and the basic needs provided from Rochester LGBTQ+ Mutual Aid, this new page will serve as a hub for information and resources specifically related to emergency relocation needs. Please check back often for updates.

➡️ Emergency Relocation Resource Directory: (This page is currently best viewed via web browser on a full computer.)

ℹ️ For context and more information on current legislative attacks on LGBTQ+ rights, go to:

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