With the rise in anti-LGBTQ+ legislation nationwide, particularly targeting trans folx, more and more community members are finding it urgently necessary to relocate out-of-state. This often means abandoning the stability of employment and housing, as well as their local support structure from community, friends and family. While this prospect is terrifying, the social and political situation demands nothing less for their personal safety and survival.

In additional to the general resources available from our Local, State, and National Resource Directories, the social support programs of Rochester LGBTQ+ Together, and the basic needs assistance (food, housing, medication, transportation, toiletries, household items) provided through Rochester LGBTQ+ Mutual Aid, this page will serve as a hub for information and resources specifically related to emergency relocation needs. Please check back often for updates.

For more information on current legislative attacks on LGBTQ+ rights, click here. (This link goes to an external ACLU site).


Main Website: https://www.aplaceformarshaofficial.org/

A Place for Marsha is a newly founded organization whose mission is to facilitate safe housing for transgender and non-binary individuals leaving states with transphobic laws. Their goal is to connect trans people aged 18+ with volunteers in safe states who are willing to be their roommates.

Seek Help
If you are Trans or Nonbinary, 18 years or older, and you need help leaving a hostile state, don’t hesitate to apply.
Application for Assistance

Provide Asylum
If you live in a safe state and want to be a roommate or rent a room to an individual seeking asylum, please apply.
Application for Asylum Providers (Hosts)

Help Transport
We are accepting rolling applications for drivers and those who can support with transport needs. This application will help us understand the ways in which you may be able to support those fleeing their state.
Application for Transport Volunteers (Drivers)

Pit Stop Hosts
We are in need of volunteers along the route to many safe states to operate as overnight safe houses for those that have longer trips towards a safe state. These volunteers may provide room and board for a driver in addition to an asylum seeker based on available space.
Application for Pit Stop Hosts (Short-Term Hosts)


Main Website: https://www.rainbowrailroad.org/

The Rainbow Railroad is a global non-profit organization that helps LGBTQ+ people facing persecution based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Since its founding, it has helped more than 7,500 LGBTQ+ people find safety through emergency relocation and other forms of assistance. The focus has historically been on helping people in other countries find safe harbor in places like the U.S., but there is now an early effort underway to shift some resources to helping those within the U.S. who need to move.

Request Help
First, we need you to fill out our help form with as many details as possible. Everyone’s route to safety is unique; we have multiple support programs that may fit your needs.
Request Help


Main Website: https://transempowerment.org/

Designed to provide relief for Trans*/gender-expansive individuals experiencing crisis, inTRANSitionsworks toward sustainable solutions for having our most vital needs met.

Healing is revolutionary! Trans Empowerment Project (TEP) believes every person — especially the most marginalized in our society: Queer Trans Intersex People of Color (QTIPOC) — deserves to thrive. Thriving should be the rule, not the exception!

Get Help
As such, we are happy to provide the following emergency services through our inTRANSitions program: Emergency Food Deliveries through Instacart; Toiletries Deliveries; Gender-affirming Clothing Packages; Gender-affirming Items (Binders, Packers, Gaffing, etc.); HRT Assistance (Hormone Replacement Therapy); Emergency Transportation To Safe Shelter; Connections to 3rd Party Resources and recommendations for additional issues that our community may be struggling with.
Request for Assistance Application


Main Website: https://transrescue.org/

We help trans*, intersex, and other people flee places where it is dangerous to be trans. We help them reach places of safety and reasonable quality of life. We do so legally and securely.

If You Need Help
If you are trans and need help fleeing a dangerous place, you are in the right place. If you are in a country like the US, the UK, or Brazil, where things were once relatively good but are now sliding into fascism, we can help you plan your own migration with advice and resources.
Client Intake Information Page

STEP 1 – The Decision:
The first step is to decide if you are ready to move.
Decision-Making Guide

STEP 2 – Understanding the Process
If you still want to do this, you’ll need to understand our process.
Process Guide

STEP 3 – Intake Appointment
You can start the process by scheduling an intake appointment. Drop an email to annie+intake@transrescue.org suggesting a time. We’re in CET time zone (the Netherlands).


Main Website: https://transsafety.fund/

The Trans Safety Emergency Fund (TSEF) provides uncomplicated, direct help for Housing, Health and Safety.

Request Financial Assistance
Everyone who’s not cis gender can apply for help whether you’re Trans, nonbinary, genderqueer, agender, gender nonconforming or any other identity, we want to support you. Applications are open from the 1st at 07:00 am (UTC+2) until the 3rd at 10:00pm (UTC+2) of every month.
Application for Financial Assistance


Main Website: https://transjustice.io/

Transitional Justice is a grassroots organization created for the express purpose of providing temporary and transitional housing in safer communities for transgender individuals and their families who are fleeing areas with harmful anti-transgender legislation. We provide our services to transgender people who have been affected by anti-transgender legislation. This includes people who have been evicted from their homes, fired from their jobs, or denied access to healthcare. We also provide our services to transgender people who are simply seeking a more welcoming and accepting community.

Get Involved
Do you need help? Can you provide support? Complete the form below and we’ll make connections.
Make Request


Main Website: https://www.2023transport.org/

TRANSport is a newly formed non-profit organization, founded by two transgender activists in North Dakota. Their goal is to help transgender people who want to leave the country get up-to-date legal documents, such as IDs with accurate genders and passports, and ultimately to assist with applications for work visas and asylum claims.

Sign Up
TRANSport is a non-profit organization dedicated to transporting at-risk transgender individuals outside of the United States of America into a more accepting world.
Client Intake Form