“Protect Black Lives. Protect Trans Lives. Go!”

This Pride season, it’s okay to let loose, relax and have a bit of fun. We all need and deserve to celebrate our own LGBTQIA2S+ joy. But we cannot forget why Pride exists and the transgender women who helped make it happen. Nor can we ignore the imminent danger that so many of our LGBTQ+ siblings are currently experiencing.

Our top priority must remain protecting BIPOC, trans and youth within our LGBTQIA2S+ community, who are most vulnerable. We will never stop rallying, marching and fighting until everyone in our community is safe. We all deserve to not just survive, but rather thrive, as our authentic selves, with equal rights and equitable treatment.

#TheReasonForTheSeason #TheFirstPrideWasARiot #StonewallStrong

Artwork: Megemiko Art

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