As we head into the warmer weather months, more of our programs will be held outdoors (weather permitting). Legislation signed on Monday ended the National Emergency related to COVID-19. On May 11, the Public Health Emergency for COVID-19 is also set to expire. Taking all of this into account, Rochester Lgbtq+ Together still wants to acknowledge the ongoing risks of COVID-19, which can vary dramatically person-to-person and based upon pre-existing conditions. We also recognize the potential serious long-term effects of COVID.

However, as one of the last organizations to still require indoor masking locally, we believe that we must find a reasonable balance between safety precautions and societal norms. Most venues have long ago eliminated all masking and vaccination policies. Therefore, EFFECTIVE MAY 15, masking will be optional, but still encouraged, for our indoor programs and events. There will also be zero tolerance for shaming of anyone who chooses to continue masking beyond this date.

Your safety always has been and will remain our top priority. Please get vaccinated, boosted (whenever eligible), and test regularly before and after indoor gatherings. Stay home if you feel unwell! (COVID-19 can mimic cold or allergy symptoms, so do not assume it’s nothing.) You are personally responsible for helping to keep yourself and others safe!

NOTE: We reserve the right to change our health & safety/masking policy at anytime. We also plan to have a seasonal reevaluation again when we head into the fall/winter.

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