Today, we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In doing so, we must also continue his work, fighting for an equitable, fair, and just America.

This means being actively anti-racist in our words and actions each and every day, working to topple white supremacy in every facet of society. This means fighting to end poverty, for fair pay and a living wage, and against income inequality. This means eliminating hunger and food insecurity. This means eradicating homelessness. This means ending the brutality, racial violence, and unjust use of force in policing. This means reforming our justice system to stop unfair convictions, reduce mass incarceration, eliminate the for-profit prison system, and ban capital punishment. This means fighting for equal, universal access to quality, affordable healthcare in all communities and neighborhoods. This means access to free, quality primary and secondary education for all, and teaching curriculums must be anti-racist and eliminate the false narratives of white supremacy.

These are just the start of how we must continue the work of eliminating white supremacy from all institutions, public and private, governmental and non-governmental. This is how we build a better society and truly honor the teachings and work of Dr. King, Corretta Scott King, Bayard Rustin and so many others who came before us. This is how to be a true ally to our BIPOC and QTPOC friends and neighbors. This group reaffirms its continued commitment to these causes and to our belief that All Black Lives Matter.



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