On this National Coming Out Day and every day, we continue to celebrate and advocate for each and every identity and orientation in our vastly diverse, intersectional LGBTQIA2S+ community. Few things are as personal as self-discovery. Whether you have already come out, are continuing to come out, or don’t yet feel safe or ready to come out, we are here cheering you on and supporting you. Do what’s best for you when you’re ready to do it.

We believe that authenticity brings joy and inner peace. Rochester LGBTQ+ Together continues to play our small role in building a world where everyone can live happily and proudly as their authentic selves. One day, we hope that coming out isn’t even a necessary thing. Until then, we work to inform and educate, fighting for the safety and well-being of our community members, as well as equitable treatment and equal rights. Being out of the closet and living authentically is an act of bravery and resistance in a society that doesn’t always keep us safe or respect us. Thank you for being you!


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