Braden Reese is smiling at the camera

I heard someone today say how lucky we all are in Rochester and Monroe County because we effectively get 2 months of Pride, but honestly, it never really stops! Rochester LGBTQ+ Together’s monthly Pop-Up Pride events, for example, happen 12 months a year, in addition to lots of weekly programming! We also do our best to keep things accessible and affordable, often free.

One of the greatest acts we can all do is to show up and be visible because it makes those who aren’t yet out feel accepted and not alone. It gives those who may not feel comfortable alone a safe space and some strength and solidarity in numbers. I would have given anything for this group and all the others like it when I was growing up. Thank you to everyone who continues to show up, share posts and/or make financial contributions to support this vitally important work. – Braden

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