As we head into the colder weather months, we are seeing Covid-19 cases rising locally. In nearby Onondaga County, where levels are back to High, Covid has already caused event and performance cancellations. We desperately want to regain a greater sense of normalcy and had hoped to make mask-wearing optional at our indoor programs.

However, in light of the expected Fall/Winter surge and the data we’re already seeing, we have decided that mask wearing will continue to remain mandatory with our group for indoor programs through March. (This means we continue to do no eating/drinking indoors at official events.) We will then reevaluate our mask policy at that time. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. (Masks will continue to be optional for outdoor programs.)

Your safety always has been and will remain our top priority. Please get vaccinated/boosted, wear masks in crowded indoor spaces, and test regularly to keep yourself and others safe.

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