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Rochester LGBTQ+ Together is a volunteer-run grassroots community organization. We rely entirely upon the generosity of volunteers, who donate their time, energy, skills, and knowledge to run all of our programs and events, coordinate special projects, run our mutual aid efforts, maintain our website, manage fundraising, and more! Our organization is for community and by community!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

General Volunteer: A general volunteer is an individual who is not interested in a specific area, but is willing to help out with whatever is needed, whenever it is needed, subject to their own availability.

Leadership Team: Our Leadership Team guides the organization’s mission, vision and values. They manage short- and long-term planning, oversee development work, maintain community outreach and more. These positions are typically open to trusted, vetted program facilitators after a period of time.

Outreach & Engagement: Our Outreach & Engagement team assists with tabling setup and support at events year-rounds. This role is ideal for an outgoing “people person” who enjoys interacting with others. They serve as good will ambassadors, sharing information about the organization and engaging with the community.

Program Facilitators: Our Program Facilitators run all of our recurring programs, both in-person and virtually. These positions are typically open to trusted, vetted community members who regularly attend our programs and events.

Special Projects
: Our Special Projects team work on specialized, often short-term, projects and initiatives for the organization. These currently include our Cards of Caring, Community Pride Garden plot at 490 Farmers, and All-Gender Restroom Finder.

Special Events: Our Special Events crew is primarily organizes, sets up, and cleans up Pride events in July, including Pride Day at the Beach, Pride Day at Seabreeze, and more. They also assist with our presence in the ROC Pride Parade,

Feel free to email us at if you’re interested in or have any questions about volunteering.