Rochester LGBTQ+ Together stands with all members of our local LGBTQIA2S+ communities – and those across the country and around the world – as we face a rise in the same hate we have fought for generations. We stand firmly and vocally against anti-Black and anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and fascist policies – drag bans, don’t say gay bills, anti-trans legislation, and more – which seek to make us lesser citizens, criminalize our cultures, and erase our very existence. 

Black and LGBTQ+ history are history. Drag performance is not a crime. Everyone deserves bodily autonomy and affirming healthcare. All families are valid. Everyone deserves to marry the one they love. We all deserve to feel safe. Only together can we defeat the ignorance, bigotry, discrimination, and racism that plague society. We will continue to fight for a better, more equitable, more just world where everyone can live happily, authentically and safely as their true selves. We refuse to be silent or live in fear; we will not be erased; our light will not be diminished.

Rochester LGBTQ+ Together remains committed to creating safe spaces, providing educational opportunities, sharing critical resources, and fighting alongside you. We will continue to celebrate and support all of the beautiful, intersectional diversity within our LGBTQIA2S+ communities – and we stand in solidarity with other marginalized and oppressed communities too.


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